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TagCrown Service Terms

TagCrown terms and conditions is the “Agreement” or “Software Development Agreement” states that govern the contractual agreement between TagCrown and the corporation which submits an order for TagCrown services.

TagCrown Duties

1. The Company shall complete the development of the Software according to the Milestone & Payment Schedule. In accordance with such milestones, the final product shall be delivered to the client.
2. For a period of delivery of the final product, the Company shall provide the Client attention to bug fixes and would solve the necessary bugs. The Company, in case of new development and change request, would charge and bill to the Client at a rate of extra per hour for any assistance thereafter. The Company agrees to respond to any reasonable request for assistance made by the Client regarding the Software.
3. The Company shall provide to the Client all the necessary support which includes all the milestones covering Requirement Analysis, development, training & necessary support and 3rd party platform and API integration.
4. For integration of the 3rd party API and Products and platforms the company shall do the needful integration as described by the client and corresponding to proposals and in case there is the payment to be made to 3rd party for using or leasing the license the Company shall take approval from the client and bill the same to the client.
5. The Client must provide all the necessary directions as required by the company for the development of the product.

Intellectual property rights in the software

The Parties acknowledge and agree that the Client will hold all intellectual property rights in the Software including copyright and trademark rights. This clause is only valid if the entire project is completed and the payments are made to the Company by the Client.


The Company shall not disclose to any third party the business of the Client, details regarding the Software, including, without limitation any information regarding the Software’s code, the Specifications, or the Client’s business (the “Confidential Information”), (ii) make copies of any Confidential Information or any content based on the concepts contained within the Confidential Information for personal use or for distribution unless requested to do so by the Client, or (iii) use Confidential Information other than solely for the benefit of the Client.


The Company represents and warrants to the Client the following: 1. Development and delivery of the Software under this Agreement are not in violation of any other agreement that the Company has with another party.
2. The Software will not violate the intellectual property rights of any other party.
3. For a period of 3 months after the Delivery Date, if the Software needs a bug fixes or in a way a a client needs the support, then the Company shall take any reasonably necessary steps to fix the issue and ensure the support for the Software.


Each Party shall hold harmless, and indemnify the other Party and its directors, officers, agents and employees against any and all loss, liability, damage, or expense, including any direct, indirect or consequential loss, liability, damage, or expense, but not including attorneys’ fees.

Applicable Law

TagCrown Agreement and the interpretation of its terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the international laws.